House Me Souq Il Aqar

"House Me” presents the comedy series “Souq Il Aqar”

Posted: 16 August, 2021

Souq Il Aqar

House Me releases ‘Souq Il Aqar’ series to address the most prominent issues of the real estate market in a comic form.

It is a purposeful short comedy series that points to the most prominent issues of the real estate market with an unusual form. The idea started uncomplicated and expanded with the support of the administration and after agreement with a group of Bahraini theatre actors and social media influencers.

 The idea has been processing and the whole work will be presented as soon as the final touches are added.

As the marketing manager, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood mentioned, the series will be presented soon on all social media accounts of House Me Real Estate Company.  

The series proposes to spread the culture of dealing in the real estate market and to present stories from the reality of the market in a deliberate comic format. As mentioned, there is a plan to work on a second part of the series after setting the final scenario of the first part. 




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