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Things to Know Before Buying a BeachSide Apartments

Posted: 7 August, 2022
Author: Zainab Khalifa
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Things you need to know before buying a Beachside Apartments


It is almost everyone’s dream to have an apartment facing the sea and be able to wake up to the sound of waves. Bahrain itself is an island country with 50 natural islands, 33 artificial islands, and a lot of public and private beaches. So, there are many options for a Beach-side Apartment. However, there are a few important things that you should consider before investing your fortune into this real estate dream.


  • How close to the sea can my Beach-House be? Are there any recommended building materials?


The closer the Beach apartment is to the sea, the higher the resale value. At the same time, you cannot weigh out the cons of being closer to the sea. Whether it is strong winds or hurricanes that endanger your home, you should ensure that the house is built above sea level and made with strong building materials. Concretes and Naturally durable wood are the preferred building materials for Beach Houses. 


Even if you are considering turning your property into a Beach Villa and selling it, the above conditions should be followed.


  • Do I need to take Insurance for my home?


Definitely! It is no surprise that the Insurance rates will be high for houses in close proximity to the sea. Sometimes, you may also have to take Flood Insurance and Wind Coverage, which is also costly. You can talk to our real estate agents at House Me, who will help you figure out affordable insurance rates for your dream property.


  • Should I know about my Neighbors and Surroundings?


Absolutely. If you have a peaceful environment and noisy neighbors, it would be a big disappointment. So, do a small research about the following pointers:

  • Nearby streets
  • Neighbors
  • Whether there is any Grocery shop nearby 
  • How far is the hospital, in case of any emergencies?
  • Is there safety and privacy?


  • What should I buy if I am looking to rent out my property?


The more the upgrades, the higher the rental value. Here are some essentials you can include in your Beach-house:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Wide-open windows
  • Sofas
  • Wi-Fi
  • High-end Kitchen Appliances
  • Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Stain-resistant slipcovers
  • Neutral paint colors for your walls (cool blues or greens, rustic style, etc.)


  • How do I identify the best area for my dream home?


Talk to an experienced local realtor at House Me to get the best possible options for your property. Our real estate agent can help you decide what type of house you want and where you want it, within your budget range. 


House me offers a wide number of apartments all around Bahrain, if you want to see some; take a view of our properties.

For more information; take a view at our Instagram for more details

  • Ensure that the house is built above sea level
  • The preferred building materials for withstanding heavy winds and other calamities are Concrete and Naturally durable wood
  • Flood Insurance and Wind Coverage should be taken in addition to your Property Insurance
    • Check for nearby Grocery shops, Hospitals, Nearby streets
    • Understand who your neighbors are, and also about the safety and privacy of the area 
  • Some essentials that need to be included in a Beach-house are: Bunk Beds, Wide-open windows, Sofas, Wi-Fi, High-end Kitchen appliances, Outdoor Fire Pit, Outdoor Showers, and Stain-resistant slipcovers
  • Paint the walls in neutral colors like cool blues or greens, rustic style, etc.
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