Smart Homes for living

Smart Homes for living

Posted: 25 May, 2022
Author: Zainab Khalifa
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Smart homes for living

What is a smart home and why do you need it?

If smartphones were a breakthrough in the 2000s, now it’s smart homes. In simple terms, smart homes allow you to control your devices at your home just by giving a voice command or even remotely controlling it from anywhere in the world. When more than one of your devices is connected to a common interface such as a smartphone or app, it is also called a connected home.

Convenience is a major factor when you consider building or buying a smart home. Imagine if you forgot to turn off the lights or you are unsure whether you locked the main door; you can simply manage it from your phone even if you are outside.

Can all devices be controlled?

Only devices that are Wi-Fi enabled can be controlled and these are called smart devices. It is easier if you have smart devices of the same brands so that they can connect to the software seamlessly.

How secure is it?

You can buy smart surveillance systems and connect them to your smart home system. You can also activate security alerts whenever someone rings your doorbell. This way you can maximize your home security. Even if you are on a vacation, you can still monitor your home and also turn on the lights in the hall or porch area.

Smart video baby monitors are also available which can be paired with smart speakers and notify you when your baby is crying.

Does it consume more energy and money?

Your smart home technology can be programmed in such a way that it consumes less energy. Creating a smart home system does require some investment in the beginning but will definitely help you save money in the long run. For example, you can change the light settings such that it automatically turns off when it’s 6 am or turns on when it’s 6 pm. Similarly, you can adjust the room temperature with a smart thermostat, get your room cleaned with a robotic vacuum cleaner, etc.

The added benefit is that you get a lot more free time because your smart home has already done the cleaning, laundry and even ordered groceries when it’s less.

What if you want to sell your smart home?

A smart home has a lot of resale advantages over homes with conventional technologies and will be easier to sell. The investment you make for a smart home will increase its market value by at least 5%. It will attract more prospective buyers. Make sure that you invest in high-quality devices or you may end up paying more for maintenance costs.

If you are planning to turn your home into a smart hub with the intention of selling it off in the future, only buy the most sought-after devices such as:

  • Smart security cameras
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Speakers

Smart homes always help in making your home a safe, secure, and convenient place to live in. You can also avail a good discount from your insurance providers. You just need to ensure that you install the right devices that are compatible with the central interface and your home.



What is a smart home and why do you need it?


  • Only Wi-Fi enabled devices can be controlled
  • Having smart devices of the same brand helps you connect to the software seamlessly
  • You can maximize your home security by installing smart surveillance systems and activate security alerts whenever someone rings your doorbell
  • Smart homes can be programmed in such a way that it consumes less energy
  • Smart homes have many resale advantages than the homes with conventional technologies
  • The investment you make for a smart home will increase its market value by at least 5%
  • Some essentials that you should consider buying incase if you have plans of reselling your smart home are: Smart security cameras, Smart Thermostat, Smart Door Locks, Smart Appliances, and Smart Speakers
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