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House Me | Employee of The Month (March 2022)

Posted: 1 April, 2022

Employee of The Month March 2022

House me Real Estate Company honored the ideal ’employee for the month’ of March 2022, where CEO Ammar Al-Bosta handed over the certificate and appreciation award to the winning employee Ali Al-Hamad, property manager at House me, in the presence of Human Resources Manager Rana Al-Arab.

Ali Al-Hamad is considered one of the first distinguished employees who contributed to the success of the company by performing the tasks entrusted to him to the fullest extent and his full readiness to give under various conditions in efficiency and quality.

The employee of the month’s reward appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve corporate goals and to fulfill its vision statement where outstanding employees deserve to be recognized both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to other employees.


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