House Me Encourages Sports Sector

House me Encourages Sports Sector

Posted: 16 August, 2021

House me Encourages Sports Sector

Among all of the huge projects accomplished by the “House Me” company throughout the kingdom, including its constant engagement in providing support in all sports sectors.

The CEO of House Me Ammar Al Bosta indicated their orientation for the upcoming stage in supporting sports by encouraging youth energies and qualifying them in the sports media coverage in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The initial movements were through sponsoring the “Ahl Al Khayl” program. In his speech, Ammar Al-Bosta also confirmed that this step came as a desire to reach a new segment of the general public.

Additionally, this support will be taken into consideration as one of his accomplishments in the sports sector. He also noted that this is House Me Real Estate Company’s first formal sponsorship in the sector of sports, particularly equestrian, and indicated their future aspirations to continue the sponsorship and permanent partnership.


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