House me sponsors Ahl Al Khayl (Equestrian Program)

House Me Takes Part in Sponsorship of Ahl Al Khayl (Equestrian Program)

Posted: 27 October, 2021

House me – Ahl Al Khayl (Equestrian Program)

His Highness Sheikh Isa Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa handed the Ahl al Khayl prize to Ammar Al Bossta, the CEO of House me in October 2021 for participating in its first edition.
Ammar Al Bossta previously signed off on an agreement of taking part in the sponsorship of the Ahl Al Khayl Equestrian program.

Ahl Al Khay comes as an expression of the importance of equestrian sport, His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa the President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, and the leader of the development in the equestrian sector, both cherish this sport and support it as it takes a significant role in raising the name of the Kingdom.

House me CEO took part in the sponsorship because he believes in the participants in the local races will reflect positively on the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


If you’re interested and want to watch Ahl Al Khayl, click here to visit their YouTube Channel.

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