Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Posted: 25 May, 2022
Author: Zainab Khalifa
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Property Management Company

Why Should owners use a Property Management Company? 

Hiring someone to manage the properties or contracting a property management company is a significant decision in the Real Estate investment market that will uplift your Property Management Company and increase your profit.

The first question that will cross your mind is: What do property management companies do?

By knowing the answer and understanding their work as property owners, you will discover how these companies will benefit you!


What do property management companies do?


  • Marketing your properties 

Finding your next tenant is not an easy duty; that is why the property’s manager, who knows the market, will work to attract tenants by displaying your property in the correct channels, which will fill vacancies and guarantee you a steady stream of income.


  • Screening tenants

Not anyone is eligible to be your perfect tenant. On the other hand, checking the tenant’s background and financial statement will not be easy!

A property manager checks the tenants’ background, credit history, previous landlord references, and employment verification.


  • Handling leases 

When you find a tenant, your next step will be the paperwork, where the manager handles it for you and prepares and reviews the lease agreement with tenants to establish clear guidelines to prevent future issues and evictions.


  • Collecting rent

Collecting the monthly rent might be a long process; your property manager will collect rent quickly and efficiently from tenants and confirm that the check clears. Moreover, they will take care of the delayed rent by following appropriate eviction steps.


  • Providing monthly financial reports

Not only collect rent from tenants but also manage your funds and provide you with clear financial reports regarding your income and spending.


  • The maintenance tasks

Your property manager will handle all your tenants’ maintenance needs and follow up with the maintenance team that repairs and cleans your rental units.

Benefits of having a property manager

  • Ensure compliance 

Managing properties involves many legal duties, more than signing a rental contract with a tenant. But stating and local landlord-tenant laws regulate and understanding the rules and regulations applicable to your rental unit’s location. Your property manager is an expert who knows all the local laws and legal terms, and his job is to follow the law, so your investment properties remain in compliance and know all the changes that might occur to keep up with housing law changes.


  • Offer Professional Tenant Services

Quality services are the key to keeping the tenants; the property manager is the one whom you can depend on to deal with the tenants, get all the calls of inquiries, and provide the perfect services in emergency cases and fast, professional maintenance.


  • Handle Long-Distance Management

Today’s life has become different, as you can have a property in another city or country. That is why having a property manager will guarantee you a straightforward process of handling your properties and ensure your tenants’ comfort.


  • Manage Multiple Properties Easily

Owning multiple properties means an increment in the workload, which becomes much more difficult; the property manager will keep you on track by managing all the duties for all your properties!


  • Save time & money 

Instead of spending your time keeping track of paperwork, responding to maintenance requests, tracking rent payments, handling complaints, and maintaining units.

Hiring a property manager who will take on all these duties will save you time and energy and keep your investments on the right path!

Which immediately will give you another benefit of Decreasing Stress and Increasing your Freedom!

If you are a new investor or multiple properties owner, living in the same city or far from your properties, aiming for less stress or looking for more time for yourself and your family… if you have a property, then you should hire a property manager or get all your services done by a Property Management Company. 

Houseme offers you a comprehensive property management service that will ease your life and make you on track with your tenants. 



  • Property Managers help tenants to market their property in the correct channels, and guarantee a steady stream of income
  • The managers help you with the initial screening such as checking the tenants' background, credit history, previous landlord references and employment verification.
  • Paperworks like preparing and reviewing the lease agreement with tenants will be handled by the property managers
  • Managers help you through the process by collecting rents, providing monthly financial reports, and handling tenants' maintenance needs
  • Having a property manager is always beneficial because they know all the local housing laws, legal terms, and how to comply with it
  • Managers help in dealing with tenant inquiries and provide necessary services incase of any emergencies
  • Even if you have multiple properties or property in a different country, Managers take charge and deal with all these.
  • Hiring a Property Manager can help you save Time and Money
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